Accepting New Patients: states whether a provider is accepting new patients

Accreditation: lists any accreditations reported by the provider

Address/Main Location: provider’s main office

Board Certifications: lists any board certifications held by the individual provider

Branch Locations: any additional office locations where the provider operates

Clinician Name: the name of the individual who is independently licensed to provide services

Discipline/Provider Type: states any service focus or identifies if the provider is an agency, clinician, etc.

Gender: states whether provider is male or female

License: states type of license held by clinician

Organizational Affiliations Provider locations where a clinician delivers services

Provider Name: the name of the agency or company providing service

Services: list of services that the provider is contracted to offer

Specialty Services: an area of practice that requires additional training, certification, or clinical specialization beyond what a comparable area of practice requires.

Type of Service or Location: particular service you want to receive or the area in which you would like to receive it