Juvenile Justice, Substance Abuse, Mental Health Partnership (JJSAMHP)
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The Juvenile Justice Substance Abuse Mental Health Partnerships (JJSAMHP) are local teams across NC working together to deliver effective, family-centered services and supports for juvenile justice-involved youth with substance use, mental health challenges or facing issues in both areas. These partnerships require an organized person-centered system that operates under the following System of Care principles:

  • Family Driven and Youth Guided
  • Child and Family Team Based
  • Individualized
  • Community Based
  • Natural Supports
  • Collaboration
  • Strength Based
  • Persistence
  • Culturally and Linguistically Competent
  • Data and Outcome Driven 

JJSAMHP is designed to improve services for young persons who are involved in the juvenile justice system and may have other issues that, if addressed, can help keep them from going deeper into the system.

  • JJSAMHP will improve access to services and will also work to improve the range of services available.
  • JJSAMHP also works with youth, families, and service providers to identify methods and ways to improve services for juvenile justice involved youth.
  • JJSAMHP is committed  to following the System of Care Principles and planning within Child and Family Teams
  • JJSAMHP is committed to the provision of evidence based assessments and treatment modalities.
  • The JJSAMHP acknowledges that many juveniles have a number of complex problems which can be best addressed by intensive services.
  • Several partners work at the local, regional and state levels to identify challenges within the system for the youth and ways to overcome those challenges​

At a minimum, Partnerships address the following:

  • Completion of substance abuse and mental health comprehensive clinical assessments of youth referred from the juvenile justice system by appropriately licensed substance abuse and mental health treatment professionals;
  • Provision of evidence-based treatment options to youths referred for substance use, mental health and co-occurring disorders by appropriately licensed & qualified substance abuse and mental health treatment professionals; and
  • Use of the Child and Family Team process - At the core of a System of Care approach are Child & Family Teams. Child & Family Teams are family members and their informal natural supports that come together to create, implement & update a plan with the youth and their family. The plan builds on the strengths of the youth and the family and addresses their needs, desires & dreams.
  • Commitment to monthly submission of data to show that youth have timely access to care following a Juvenile Justice Referral and progress is being monitored routinely to ensure positive outcomes