The Community Collaborative (System of Care Partners)
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The Community Collaborative serves as the overarching leadership within a system of care for the community.  The community collaborative holds the vision and strategic plan that outlines the work that needs to get done to support Child and Family Teams within the community.  The Community Collaborative provides intentional championship of system of care development and sustainability within the community.  In addition, the community collaborative identifies, advances, and role models standards associated with system of care. 

Some specific examples of responsibilities of the Community Collaborative are as follows:

  • Develops vision of system of care for the community
  • Provide clear direction for planning, implementation, and action based upon the mission, vision, and strategic plan. 
  • Champion strong partnerships across the community to include youth and families
  • Maximize existing community resources that could be used to support positive outcomes for youth and families
  • Identifies gaps and barriers,  develops and implements an action plan
  • Develop sustainable funding strategies that may involve blended and braided funding mechanisms as well as seek additional funding opportunities to support System of Care and goals of the Community Collaborative 
  • Evaluation of data and outcomes to inform decision making and improve processes
  • Promote evidenced based practices within the community
  • Development of training or supports to meet the needs identified
  • Development and support of cross system training to promote family centered  care and promote system of care practices within the community at large  
  • Promote cross system  commitment to shared community resources and supports
  • Establish procedures associated with Child and Family Teams and the use of wraparound in planning
  • Promotes One Child One Plan  across the community
  • Parent advocacy and leadership is promoted on all levels of decision making and implementation. 
  • Memorandum of Agreement or By Laws are developed and guide the overarching structure of the Community Collaborative

Community Collaborative Leadership

The membership of the Community Collaborative should reflect the cultural and social diversity of the community that it supports.  The community collaborative should be comprised of leadership within the community that cares about youth, family, and the community's wellbeing.  Individuals involved within the Collaborative shall include:



Child Welfare

Juvenile Justice



Community Businesses

Faith Based Groups

Mental Health/Substance Abuse Service Providers

Other Community Support Organizations

The Community Collaborative shall have subcommittees developed who actively meet to complete necessary work associated with the individualized strategic plan and anticipated outcomes.  Subcommittees may be permanent or project driven to move the work of System of Care. Some examples of subcommittees of the Community Collaborative may include: 

  • Trauma Informed Committee
  • Best Practices Committee
  • Outcome/Evaluation Committee
  • Community Project Committee
  • Transitional Care Committee
  • Grant Writing Committee
  • Training Initiative Committee
  • Cultural Competency Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Early Childhood Mental Health Committee​

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare has System of Care Collaboratives that serve all the communities in its service region. Meeting information, updates about specific community initiatives and Collaborative meeting minutes are available by contacting the Corporate System of Care Manager at