Care Review Team(s)
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​​​The Care Review process is intended to reflect System of Care principles and values which are also role modeled by all Care Review Team members. Services and supports should take place in the most inclusive, responsive, accessible and least restrictive settings possible to safely promote child and family integration into home, school and community life.  The Care Review Team Meeting shall be reflective of Child and Family Teams.

The Care Review Team (CRT) is a resource for Child and Family Teams of high risk youth with serious mental health issues, substance abuse or developmental disabilities and is primarily used for the following reasons:  ​

To get a fresh perspective, especially when:

  • Resources known to the team have been exhausted. 
  • services are unavailable
  • the team needs help making progress toward its goals
  • the team would like help sorting through disagreements and building consensus among team members
  • Care Review will be able to alleviate the need for UM to staff cases with providers and assist UM in remaining neutral in their decision making. 

It is a best practice to utilize Care Review Team Meetings when considering the following:

  • When a Child and Family Team is considering  Out of Home Residential Treatment  or need support related to comprehensive transition plan to return to the community  (Examples below):  
  • 60 days prior to transition from level 3 and PRTF Residential services
  • Children being considered for Out of State Residential placement
  • 30 days prior to discharge from YDC (Youth Development Center)
  • Children in Detention longer than 20 days
  • Children with a primary MH diagnosis and secondary DD

Care Review Team is not able to:

  • Authorize treatment services (this is at the sole discretion of Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Utilization Management department)
  • Provide or expedite funding for treatment or other needs of the Child and Family Team
  • Advocate for specific placements or service provision agencies

System of Care Philosophy

The Care Review Team process is intended to be reflective of System of Care Principles. Care Review Team members are expected to role model System of Care Values and Principles.

All Care Review Team members shall have received documented training in System of Care, Child and Family Teams, and an overview of the Care Review Team process.

Recommendations of the Care Review Team​

Written recommendations made by the Care Review Team are documented on the Care Review Team Action Planning Form.  A copy of the Action Planning Form is provided to all members of the Child and Family Team following the Care Review Team Meeting.  Recommendations shall include action items, time line for action to occur, and person responsible if at all possible.  Recommendations and action items shall be reviewed by the Child and Family Team during the next meeting. The Care Review Team Action Planning Form and Confidentiality Form shall be uploaded in Cardinal Innovations HealthCare Solutions electronic system for record keeping purposes only.

Care Review Team Members (System of Care Partners)

The Care Review Team strives to be representative of child-serving agencies, including Department of Social Services, Department of Public Safety/Division of Juvenile Justice, County School System, Community Care of North Carolina, as well as a broad array of private providers. The Care Review Team should also be structured to have at least one parent or family advocate as part of each meeting.  The diversity in membership and attendance is a significant factor in providing a high quality experience for Child and Family Teams. While Care Review Team members represent their respective organizations, they are expected to advocate for the best interests of the youth and family rather than their individual organization. All Care Review Team members shall have knowledge of and practice System of Care Principles. 

All Care Review Team members shall have name tents identifying the Care Review Team member and the organization they represent. . 

Participation and Attendance

Care Review Team members are encouraged to attend all of the regularly scheduled Care Review Team Meetings.  Alternate members are also trained in System of Care and understand the responsibility of the Care Review Team meetings. Individuals who are not part of the Care Review Team and are unfamiliar with Care Review Team practices do not make acceptable alternates.

New Members

All new members should have documented System of Care Training. In addition, new members shall fully understand principles of System of Care and Wraparound Planning in Child and Family Teams.  New members shall receive orientation associated with the purpose and practices of the Care Review Team.