Vendor Evaluations

​​​​​​​​​Vendors will initially be evaluated based on the responses they provide to the RFI, the priority of requirement/data field, and the weighted-average of each area/department.  We will use this scoring mechanism to narrow the list to the top three EHR vendors per focus group.  An EHR vendor could be selected for multiple focus groups.                                                                                             

The second evaluation will be based on the vendor demonstration presented directly to the focus group providers.  Providers will be given an evaluation tool to help determine the best EHR solution.  By finding a solution that best meets the focus group's needs, hopefully focus group providers will join forces to negotiate a discounted price with the vendor and have a louder voice when discussing enhancements and future directions to the product.  The Cardinal Innovations Provider EHR team will be available for support and assistance.         ​