Demo Scenarios & Evaluation Tools

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​DEMO SCENARIOS
Demonstration scenarios were created based on feedback from the focus group providers. The scenarios represent workflows performed by business and clinical areas and were used by the EHR vendors to ensure the most important functionality was demonstrated. Vendors can show additional features and functionality they feel may be applicable to the audience.

The following are the demo scenarios developed for each focus group.

EHR Demonstration Scenarios:

Outpatient Demo Scenarios Click here >

Periodic Services Demo Scenarios Click here >

Residential Demo Scenarios Click here>

The Provider EHR Program team developed an evaluation tool to aid providers in fairly assessing and comparing each EHR product during the product demonstration. The following is an example of the EHR Demo Evaluation form Click here >

If you missed the EHR vendor demonstrations and plan on viewing the recordings, you may want to review the demo preparation webinar first to become more familiar with the demo scenarios and evaluation tools.Preparation for EHR Vendor Demo’s  Click here >

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