Program Benefits

​​The benefit of participating in the Provider EHR Program is that Cardinal Innovations is investing significant resources to assist our providers in finding a solution that best meets your needs. Thus far we have/will:

  • Defined over 587 system requirements for Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Intellectual/ Developmental Disability providers.
  • Documented over 1475 data fields for Periodic Services, Residential Services and Outpatient Providers in Behavioral Health.
  • Visited providers on-site to validate requirements and data fields.
  • Sent a request for information (RFI) to 19 vetted Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors. The RFI process allows each of the EHR vendors the opportunity to review the EHR requirements and data fields we defined for our behavioral health network providers and provide feedback related to their solution's capabilities. This feedback will assist Cardinal Innovations in narrowing the selections to the three vendors that best meet the demographic needs of the providers participating in the program’s focus groups​​.
  • Developed demo scenarios for the selected​ EHR vendors to use when they demonstrate their solution to the focus groups.
  • Setup demos for the focus groups to evaluate and select the best PM/EHR solution.
  • Define integration points between the EHR vendors selected and CI Provider Direct to make it easier for providers to do business with us.
  • Assist focus group providers in negotiating deeper discounted prices with vendor.
  • Assist software vendor and providers with coordinating training and implementation needs.
  • Assist providers in evaluating and revising clinical and business workflows for PM/EHR solution.


Once an EHR vendor is selected, the following are examples of potential integration options that could be considered and discussed with the vendor to make it easier for providers to do business with Cardinal Innovations.

  • Send STR, including LOCUS, CALOCUS and ASAM results
  • Send TAR
  • Receive Authorizations
  • Receive initial PCP or ISP, completed by Cardinal Innovations, for Innovations Waiver consumers
  • Send completed PCP or ISP to Cardinal Innovations with notes
  • Receive SIS and Support Needs Matrix
  • Send 837
  • Receive 835
  • Send audit/compliance information to support claims billing
  • Receive their contracted services to use to validate allowed services against provider billing system before submitting claims


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