Provider Electronic Health Record (EHR) Program

​​​In October 2012, network providers were asked to participate in a survey that was designed to inform Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions of your interest in electronic health records (EHR) adoption. The results showed that 64% of the 217 respondents indicated that they did not have an EHR system and of those, 43% were interested in having an EHR.

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The goal of the Provider Electronic Health Record (EHR) Program is to advance Cardinal Innovations strategies by developing programs to encourage and assist our network providers to adopt Practice Management (PM) and EHR systems, to participate in a Health Information Exchange (HIE), and to utilize managed care analytics.
Achieving these objectives is, in part, dependent on better analytics and informatics to develop a 360° view of the consumer and their surrounding circumstances in order to proactively take action against situations that negatively impact health outcomes and cost.

How to Participate
If you do not have an EHR system and are considering acquiring a solution, we encourage you to participate in this program by joining the focus group for your specialty – periodic services, residential services or outpatient services. The more providers that participate in the provider EHR program, the more bargaining power we will have in negotiating deeper discounted prices when an EHR vendor(s) is selected. Whether you are eager to purchase an EHR system or just want to know more about them, this program will provide you with valuable information and save you resources in evaluating EHR solutions.

Providers are NOT required to purchase one of this program’s EHR systems and those providers who currently have an EHR system in place, are NOT required to use one of the selected EHR products.

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Focus Group Details
Based on our initial analysis, we believe that more than one EHR solution is needed to meet all of our provider's needs. Therefore, we have categorized services delivered by providers into three focus groups to target EHR solutions to each focus group. The three focus groups are:

  • Outpatient Providers for MH and SA (Primarily small LIP practices)
  • Residential Services Providers for MH, SA, and I/DD
  • Periodic Services Providers for MH, SA, and I/DD

Program Details
Cardinal Innovations has invested significant resources to assist our providers in selecting an EHR system that meets your needs.  For more information regarding the work that has been completed in the Provider EHR Program, see the details on the following pages.

For more information regarding the EHR Product demonstrations, see the details on the following pages.

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 To participate in the program and receive updates, ​submit the Provider EHR Program Registration Form​ > 

This is a voluntary program that has no penalties for non-participation.  Providers are not required to switch EHR systems or purchase an EHR solution selected by Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions.