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Provider Guideline Resources


Calcium Calendar - Provider Instructions >​

Provider Council FAQs >​​

UM Clinical Q&A Webinars
   Webinar FAQs >

Psychological Testing Bill​ing​​​​ >

Tips for IPS-Supported Employment Submissions​​​​ >

Innov​ations Chec​klist​ >

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP): Transition Services Reimbursement or “Criterion 5”​​​​ >

Hard Limits-Benchmarks for providers and families​ >

ICD-10 Resources >

Authorization Guidelines >

Behavioral Health Preferred Drug List (2015) >

Carolinas Rehabilitation Project STAR Brain Injury Community Resources Directory >

Clinical Supervision Resources >

Consumer Household Update >

General Conditions of the Procurement Contract – Agency, effective 3/22/2015​>

ICF Provider Instructions > 

Medication Access to Low Income Clients >

Outpatient Therapy Tips >

Overview and Summary of Client Rights >

Overview IFDS Training Handouts Part 1 >

Overview IFDS Training Handouts Part 2 >

Person-Centered Plans (PCPS) Tool >

Provider Language Guide >

Resource Booklet for Providers >

MHSUD Checklist for Adult >

MHSUD Checklist for Child >

Resource Booklet for Providers >

Capacity/Accessibility Study >

Recovery Assessment Scale​ >

Regional Referral Form-Example for Admission to ADATC >

Accessing the Cardinal Secure Messaging Portal >

Provider Resource Forms

​​Complete TBI Screening Form >

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions File Transfer Protocol ("FTP") Access Change Form >

Calcium ​Calendar Request Form >

ICF Level of Care Form >

IDD Service Referral Form >

IDD Provider Vacancy Referral Form >

IDD Provider Reporting Spreadsheet >

Mental Health Provider Vacancy Referral Form >

Regional Referral Form >

Retro Medicaid Paper TAR >​​​

​​"How To" Paper TAR Example >​

​Standardiz​ed Financial Intake Form >

System Admi​nistrator Designee Request Form​  >

Child MHSUD/IDD Universal Residential Application - PDF Version >

Child MHSUD/IDD Universal Residential Application - Word Version >

Adult MH/SUD Residential Application​​​  >​

Provider Resource Links

Provider Resource Training

Block Grant Primer >

Comprehe​​nsiv​e Clinical Assessments Best Practice ​Review​ >

Comprehensive Clinical Assessments (CCA) Best Practice Review – Part II > ​​

DirectCourse / College of Direct Supports >


Waiver Tips/Waiver Alerts