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Welcome to Cardinal Innovations Healthcare, North Carolina's largest Medicaid managed care plan!


Cardinal Innovations Healthcare enrolls providers into our network who provide quality of care through the utilization of safe, cost effective, best practices that achieve positive clinical outcomes for our members. Our providers must plan services and supports with the individual's culture and environment in mind. Additionally, our providers must be ethical and responsible. We evaluate the ability of our providers to meet these qualities t​hrough internal and external measures.

We are currently accepting new provider applications based on member/service capacity needs which are typically identified through annual capacity studies/geographical analyses or as intern​al clinical needs arise. We are looking for quality providers for the services on our current Service Needs List.

Publication of this Service Needs List does not constitute an offer to contract with new entities, or to add sites or services to the contracts of providers that already are contracted with Cardinal Innovations. Rather, Cardinal Innovations operates a closed Provider Network and, therefore, reserves the right to extend applications for enrollment and/or approve applications for additional sites or services based on factors that, in Cardinal Innovations’ sole discretion, warrant the addition of such providers, sites and/or services. Furthermore, in some instances, Cardinal Innovations may, in its sole discretion, determine that it is preferable first to look to our existing network providers to render services identified on the Service Needs List before opening up our network to non-contracted entities for the rendering of those services.​ View the current Service Needs List​ >

If you are interested in becoming a Cardinal Innovations Healthcare provider, we sincerely value your interest. Join us on our mission to "create and manage quality solutions for people who depend on the public system for care."

 Provider Enrollment Tools

For New Agency >

Please note that the link below is for new agencies only, it does not apply to LIP's or Hospitals. If your agency is not currently a contracted Provider in our Network, and it can provide services on our Service Needs List please click​ the link below to request an application.

Click here to access New Agency Application Request >

For Hospital Forms >

Please click the link below if: (1) you are a physician or physician group that does not wish to contract with Cardinal Innovations as a Network provider but wishes to seek reimbursement exclusively for in-patient/ED services; (2) you are a Hospital that does not wish to contract with Cardinal Innovations as a Network provider but wishes to seek reimbursement exclusively for inpatient/ED services; or (3) you are a Hospital that wishes to contract with Cardinal Innovations as a Network Provider. 

Click here to access the In-Patient/ED Provider Registration Form and the application to be used for Hospital contracting >

LIP Forms >

Please click the link below if you are a Licensed Independent Practitioner (LIP) interested in participating in the Cardinal Innovations Network either as a solo practitioner or within an LIP group.  Note that all LIPs must be credentialed and the contracting of LIP groups is based on the credentialing application of the senior-most credentialed clinician within the practice. 

Click here to access the LIP credentialing instructions and forms >