​​​​​​​​​Search for Providers or Clinicians in Your Area

This search allows you to find providers who contract with Cardinal Innovations Healthcare, and includes agencies, group practices, licensed independent practitioners and hospitals. The information contained in the Cardinal Innovations Network Provider Directory is submitted by providers and is updated on a weekly basis. You may also get help finding a provider by calling our Access/Crisis Line at 1.800.939.5911. Visit the  Explanation of Terms page ​for more information.

You can search for a provider in your area by the following:

Search by Provider NameSearch by Clinician Name

If you know the name of the agency or group that you are looking for and/or the type of service or location where you would like services, choose this option by clicking on the picture and using the fields to search for a provider by name, type of service or location. If the provider has more than one location, the additional locations will be displayed in the results.

If you know the name of the clinician who you want to see, choose this option by clicking on the picture.

Para información en Español por favor llame 1.800.939.5911.