Virtual Dementia Tour™/Psychosis Simulation

​GAST proudly provides the Virtual Dementia Tour™ (VDT) experience to the staff of Adult Care Homes and Family Care Homes at no charge. This program helps to build sensitivity and awareness in those who care for persons with dementia.

Experts agree that the best way to help caregivers provide better and more empathetic care is through education and proper training. VDT™ gives the participant an experience that helps him/her better understand the issues facing both caregivers and persons with dementia. Please visit to learn more and see an ABC News Nightline report featuring VDT™.

Because the Virtual Dementia Tour™ is time and labor intensive for our GAST team, the facility should understand that this experiential training will necessitate special arrangements with your community to make this program successful. Please contact GAST for details.

Psychosis Simulation

GAST provides an onsite psychosis simulation experience for your facility staff. Psychosis is a general term used to describe a mental state of lost contact with reality. Individuals diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness such as Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder; individuals with a diagnosis of Dementia; and those with temporary Delirium may all experience periods of psychosis.

During this training, participants will be exposed to simulated psychosis and will encounter what some people may experience during a psychotic episode.* Past participants report having more compassion towards individuals with mental illness following this training. At its conclusion, caregivers may become more sensitive to residents who experience psychosis.

There are specific requirements for this training. Please contact GAST for details.
*Note: Individuals with a history of a psychotic episode or hearing voices should NOT participate in this training.