Hospital Discharge Planning
​GAST can assist hospital discharge planning teams consisting of Local Management Entity (LME) care coordinators, LME hospital liaisons and hospital discharge planners by providing training and consultation to identified ACH/FCH or appropriate caregivers.

Information that is helpful to GAST when assisting in a discharge planning situation:

  • Age and diagnosis
  • Brief residential history
  • What behaviors/symptoms have historically been issues/problems?
  • What are the triggers for the behaviors?
  • What soothes the consumer? What escalates the consumer?
  • What are the early signs that a consumer may be escalating or decompensating?
  • What distraction or redirection techniques have been found to be helpful for this consumer?
  • What people/ things are important to the consumer? Likes/dislikes?
  • Has the consumer been taught any specific techniques for self-soothing that the Adult Care Home or Family Care Home staff can remind him/her to try?

For additional information on the GAST role in the discharge process, please click on: Hospital Discharge Planning Using Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions GAST as a Resource.

Discharge Planners may also use the GAST Referral Form or the Contact GASTlinks.​