Caregivers in Private Homes

​GAST can provide training and consultation to caregivers in private homes in specific situations.

  • The person being cared for in the private home by a non-professional caregiver (usually a family member or friend) must be at risk for an imminent psychiatric hospitalization or recently returned home after a psychiatric hospitalization.
  • The person being cared for must be age 60 or above. If the person being cared for is under age 60, he/she must have a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer's disease to qualify for GAST services.
  • The caregivers (non-professional) should be referred to GAST by Access, Mobile Crisis, STR (Screening, Triage, Referral) or a hospital discharge planner, if there are indications that GAST services might prevent a hospitalization.
  • If the individual or the caregiver is in a current crisis, GAST cannot respond.

To refer the caregiver of a person in a private home, Access staff, Mobile Crisis staff, STR staff or hospital discharge planners may use the GAST Referral Form link.​