Sergeant Lisa Linker

​An example of my CIT training is, Concord PD received a call of a gentleman that was scaring the neighbors. He had placed items out in his yard such as a machete, antique rifles, and even a slip and slide that had broken glass on it. You could hardly walk in his yard there was so much stuff. He lived in the last house on a dead end street. He had also filled the street with all kinds of items, including a box that appeared to be some kind of shrine. He had gone to the neighbor’s houses and left some of his personal items and told then this was his last night to live.

He told one of the neighbors that he would hear a shot and to call 911 when he heard the shot but not come to the house because it would be too dangerous. He had threatened several neighbors. When the first officer arrived the gentleman was out in the street with a stick. He seemed highly agitated. The officer called me to respond. The officer got the subject to drop the stick but the subject starting talking about Vietnam. I arrived and the officer told me I should talk him.

I started talking to him and was able to get him calmed down. After speaking with him for a little while I learned he was a veteran of the US Army and had served in Vietnam. He believed he was still there. He was ready to “get rid of the village.” As I was speaking with him I learned he had weapons in the house so the other officers went in to search. They found what appeared to be plastic explosives so the bomb squad was called in. He thought he was going to jail but I was able to talk him into going with us to the hospital to speak with someone. He agreed to go with us so I introduced him to another officer and let them get acquainted before he was transported. He was the type of person that needed to trust the people before interacting with them. Since I was the supervisor in charge I remained on the scene.

Everything turned out good at the house. There were no plastic explosives found even though the box the officers saw was labeled C-4. I was able to get him the help he needed. It was a good ending. No one got hurt and we have received no further calls for service at his house. He is back at home now and still receiving the help he needs.

Normally this incident would have resulted in an arrest but due to my CIT training I was able to bring this situation to an end peacefully.

Sergeant Lisa Linker
Concord Police Department