Officer Karen Richter

​There have been two incidents where I, Officer Karen Richter of Concord Police Department have utilized my CIT training. The first was with a teenage girl with a history of suicide attempts among other mental health issues. She was very distraught and wanted us to "arrest her" to get her out of her home. A neighbor, who is a friend of the family as well as a mental health provider, was already on scene. I arrived with Sgt Tierney. After talking with the teenager, and getting her to calm down I was able to defuse the situation and get her to want to go to her room to go to sleep.

While we were outside (the Mother myself and Sgt Tierney) The neighbor asked Sgt Tierney if he was my supervisor, he replied yes, and she proceeded to tell him that I did a great job in calming the girl down as she was normally able to but not in this case.
The second incident was a reported careless and reckless driver; the complainant followed the suspect home. It was Officer Field's call; I was assisting and arrived at the home first. After briefly speaking with the driver, I believed that he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia by the words he used to describe his driving and the answers he gave me. The father came outside, and by the way I was handling/treating his son (I was not wearing my CIT pin that night) he could tell that I was a CIT Officer and revealed that his son was paranoid schizophrenic and just had a change in his meds. It turns out the Father is also on the NAMI Board of Directors and was very happy that I was there to calm his son down, and to handle him in the appropriate manner. As it turns out his son (the driver) was "cut off" at the Triangle by a woman. This set the ball in motion, he was driving in response to his belief that "they" were out to get him, and he was trying to get home. Having the complainant follow him to his home only solidified the belief that he was being followed, and that someone was out to get him.

After I spoke to Officer Fields, she wrote a citation for (I believe either following too closely or going thru a stop sign) as opposed to the careless and reckless charge she could have given him, and then gave him a mandatory court date as opposed to an admin date. I explained to the driver and his father that it would be in his best interest to wait until he was adjusted with his meds before driving again.

This call could have gone another way. The driver already believing that everyone was out to get him, then having the Police show up to ticket him strengthening his belief that he is a victim and people are out to get him, he could have become violent feeling he was backed into a corner at his own residence. He did not become violent and the situation ended peacefully.