Officer A. F. Chunn

​My name is Officer A. F. Chunn. I had the opportunity to go through CIT in July, 2009. I also have had the opportunity to us my CIT in the field on July, 14, 2009.

On 07/14/09, I responded (to assist another officer, Officer Rule) at 712-A W. Jake Alexander Blvd. in regards to a suspicious person. Upon our arrival we observed a white male lying on the ground near the entrance of an abandoned building. We also noticed several beer cans in a corner. After awakening the gentleman who shall remain nameless he informed us that he needed help. I asked him what type of help he needed. He stated “I need detox or something.” While Officer Rule was confirming his identity with communications, I called Mobile Crisis. They informed me that they would send someone out. While waiting on Mobile Crisis, the consumer began to complain of not being able to breath and not feeling well. Officer Rule called for EMS. EMS arrived, checked his blood pressure and his sugar level which turned out to be okay. Later, Amanda Jernigan of Mobile Crisis arrived and began to talk with the consumer.

After Ms. Jernigan arrived I left the scene and left him in the care of mobile crisis.

I have since seen the consumer and he has really cleaned himself up. He stated at the time I spoke with him that he hasn’t had a drink in ten days. He had shaved, and looked a lot different (better) than he did when we first met on 07/14/09.