NC Innovations Waiver
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The NC Innovations Waiver is a Home and Community Based Waiver for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and is part of the NC MH/DD/SAS Health Plan.

The NC Innovations Waiver is designed for significantly disabled individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability, and can serve individuals regardless of their age. 

NC Innovations offers flexible services for individuals who live in private homes and residential facilities to promote access to their communities. The goal of the waiver is to provide services that allow individuals to learn and maintain skills that promote more independence.

This waiver offers three levels of control and responsibility for services from which the individual and his or her family choose. They are:

  • Provider Directed,
  • Individual Family Directed, which includes
    •  Employer of Record, and
    • Agency with Choice.

A unique option of the NC Innovations Waiver is Self-direction known as Individual and Family Directed Supports. Under this option, individuals or families have greater control of all or part of the supports in their Person Centered Plan. The individual/legally responsible person or family becomes the employer in the Employer of Record model. Under this model they can, with the assistance of a Community Guide, hire, train or arrange for training, schedule work, evaluate and even terminate the direct service worker.

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare additionally offers a second model of self-direction through Individual and Family Directed Supports: Agency with Choice. In this model, the individual/legally responsible person or family works closely with an agency to hire, train or arrange for training, schedule work and evaluate their direct services staff.

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