Emergency Services
Do you need help? Call 1.800.939.5911 

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare emergency services are designed to avoid long waits in hospital emergency waiting rooms, and to reduce the need for hospitalization as well as assist with finding detox and treatment for drugs and alcohol.


There are several ways you can receive services during a crisis:

  • Contact the Cardinal Innovations Healthcare 24 hour, toll-free number at 1.800.939.5911
    • If you call the 24-hour, toll-free number, a counselor will be available to talk to you and determine what services you need.
      • Counselors may set up an appointment for you to be seen within 7 days or sooner, depending on the urgency of your situation
      • Counselors may dispatch Mobile Crisis, which will come to you for face-to-face counseling and support services. Mobile Crisis provides evaluation, treatment and referral for safe transfer to correct supports and services.
      • Counselors may tell you to go or have someone take you to the Crisis Recovery Center in Kannapolis or Monroe
  • Go to an Advanced Access Centers
    • You may walk into any DAYMARK Recovery Services center and be seen for an assessment Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm.
      • Determinations will be made about what type, how much and how quickly care is needed
      • DAYMARK Recovery Services can also refer you to other services as needed
  • Crisis Recovery Centers
    • There are two Crisis Recovery Centers in the Cardinal Innovations Healthcare coverage area:
      • The Crisis Recovery Center at Kannapolis is located at 1309 South Cannon Blvd. The phone number is 704.933.3212.
      • The Crisis Recovery Center of Union County is located at 1408 East Franklin St, Monroe, just across from CMC-Union Regional Hospital emergency room. The phone number is 704.635.2080.
      • You may take yourself to the Crisis Recovery Center, or you may be taken by a family member, agency or law enforcement
  • Comprehensive Community Clinics
    • You may go to any of the Comprehensive Community Clinics within the Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Network to receive services. To find a location near you, call the 24-hour, toll-free number: 1.800.939.5911.