Client Rights Committee (CRC)
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The Client Rights Committee (CRC) has a responsibility to oversee Cardinal Innovations Healthcare's compliance with federal and state rules regarding member rights, confidentiality and complaints. The Cardinal Innovations Healthcare CRC is made up of members, family members and expert advisors from the community who meet at least once quarterly. The CRC reviews and monitors trends in the use of restrictive interventions, abuse, neglect and exploitation, grievances, appeals, deaths and medication errors. The CRC makes reports to the Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Governance Board of Directors and the Continuous Quality Improvement Committee (CQI). Members may submit rights violations to the CRC through the Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Grievance Procedure.

Providers in our Cardinal Innovations' Network are required by contract to maintain a Client Rights Committee consistent with regulations outlined in North Carolina General Statue and Administrative Code. Two or three smaller providers may share a CRC. Providers submit the minutes of their Client Rights Committee meetings to the Network Management on a quarterly basis. The provider must also have a Complaint and Grievance process to address any concerns of the member or the member's family related to the services provided and must keep documentation on all complaints received including date received, points of complaint and resolution information. Any unresolved concerns or complaints should be referred to Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions' Client Rights Committee (CRC).

The provider's Complaint and Grievance process must be provided to all members and families of members upon admission and upon request. The provider must advise members and families that they may contact Cardinal Innovations Healthcare directly about any concerns or grievances. Client Rights regulations are in NC GS 122-C-51-67 and APSM 95-2 and APSM 30-1 and NCASC 27G.0504, 10A NCAC 27G.0103 and NC Council Communication Bulletin #30. Cardinal Innovations' CRC is available to support and educate our provider network CRCs. Providers should call 1-(800)-357-9084.

Employers of Record for individuals participating in the Individual and Family Directed Supports Option for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and/or Developmental Disabilities may utilize Cardinal Innovations' CRC. The individual's Community Guide can help the Employer of Record understand when and what type of information needs to be presented to the CRC such as restrictive interventions in the Individual Support Plan.  

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