Improving Your Life
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At Cardinal Innovations, we believe making your life better is possible. Improvement means you are enhancing your quality of life. It does not mean that your cognitive, mood, addiction or intellectual or developmental disability will go away. Instead, it means that you turn your focus toward your goals and abilities and how you can contribute to your community.

Illness management and improvement programs emphasize helping individuals with mental health, intellectual and developmental disability and substance use disorders set and pursue goals. These programs can help you learn strategies and practical facts and teach how to use stress-vulnerability techniques to build social supports. Additionally, they can help you learn to use medication effectively to reduce relapses and can help you cope with problems or symptoms. Programs also help you learn about community resources that are available to help you.

Enhancing quality of life has different meanings for different people. It can mean:

  • Managing your illness or disability so that you feel better
  • Living on your own
  • Having friends that you choose
  • Having a job or meaningful volunteer work and a role in the community
  • Choosing services that are helpful to you
  • Thinking about something other than your symptoms
  • Exercising choice and control in as many aspects of life as possible
  • No longer abusing or being addicted to alcohol and drugs
  • Building strengths and new habits