How to File a Grievance
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You have the right to file a grievance with Cardinal Innovations Healthcare either orally or in writing. 

A grievance is an expression of dissatisfaction by or on behalf of a member about any matter other than a denial, reduction, suspension or termination of a Medicaid­ funded service. You may file a grievance with Cardinal Innovations either verbally or in writing. Your provider may also file a grievance on your behalf Call Cardinal Innovations' toll-free Anonymous Concern Line at 1.888.213.9687 to leave a message about your concern or to file a grievance. Cardinal Innovations' staff members check the concern line daily Monday-Friday. You may also leave an anonymous message on the concern line. Leave your name and a phone number if you want someone to return your call.

​Your provider, acting on your behalf, may file a grievance with Cardinal Innovations. You may also discuss your concern informally before filing a grievance by contacting the Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Community Operations Department at 704.939.7700.

Examples of grievances are:

  • Concerns about staff not keeping appointments
  • Staff not being respectful to you
  • Not being able to get help from someone who speaks your language
  • Dissatisfaction with quality of care
  • Dissatisfaction with access to services
  • Attitude of Cardinal Innovations Healthcare or provider staff
  • Billing and financial issues
  • Quality of the provider’s office site
  • You can call the following numbers to file a verbal grievance or ask for forms to be mailed to you:
    • Concern Line (may be anonymous) - 1.888.213.9687
    • Cardinal Innovations Healthcare 24 hour 800/toll free number - 1.800.939.5911
    • Community Operations - 704.939.7700
    • Quality Management - 704.939.7700
    To submit a written grievance, mail the Grievance Form below to the following address: Cardinal Innovations Healthcare, Attn: Quality Management Depart​ment, 550 South Caldwell Street, Suite 1500, Charlotte, NC 28202. You can access the Grievance Form or the Formal Level of Review Grievance Form by clicking on the link below:

    Cardinal Innovations Grievance Form >

    If you are not satisfied with the resolution of a grievance, you can request a Formal Level of Review following the initial review of the grievance. The Formal Level of Review Form is sent to you with the Grievance Resolution Letter. You must complete the Formal Level Review Form and return it to Cardinal Innovations within 15 business days of the date on the resolution letter.

    You also may get a copy of the Formal Level Review Form by clicking on the link below:

    Cardinal Innovations Formal Level of Review Form >

    If you need assistance filing out the Grievance Form or the Formal Level of Review Form, you may contact Member Engagement and a specialist will help you fill out the forms.​ You may call 704.939.7700 and ask for a Member Engagement specialist or email