Business & Support Partners
Whether it’s questions about Waiver implementation, interest in becoming a provider or information about our Commercial CI Information System, the Cardinal Innovations Alamance-Caswell Community Operations Center values its relationships with our Business & Support Partners. Click here for information on how you can partner with Cardinal Innovations.
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Provider Services

The Alamance-Caswell Community Operations Center is responsible for developing and monitoring a network of qualified providers to deliver services to individuals with mental health, developmental disability, and substance abuse needs.

The AC Provider Relations department collaborates with providers to ensure the delivery of quality services to consumers in a manner that is timely and cost effective. The LME provides on-going technical support and training to providers that may include but, are not limited to: Human Rights, Medical Records, Service Documentation, Incident Reporting, and Evidenced Based Practices.

The AC Provider Relations department works in conjunction with the Quality Management department to identify gaps in the local service delivery network and to actively recruit quality providers to ensure the availability of a full continuum of services. Providers interested in enrolling with the AC LME are encouraged to call the QM/PR department at (336) 513-4222, ext. 4123.

Customer Service

Your services are managed in the community through the Alamance-Caswell Community Operations Center. The AC COC has a relationship with service providers to ensure that quality services are provided to consumers. Representatives from the customer service office are available to assist consumers, families and the general public with questions, concerns/complaints and information requests.

Consumer Handbook
The Consumer Handbook is a guide for understanding the mental health, developmental disabilities and substance abuse service system in North Carolina.