The Outreach Team
The Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions Outreach Unit consists of Clinically Licensed Counselors and Community Liaisons. Both groups focus on ensuring consumers get the right level of care, at the
right time, without experiencing any system barriers.

Clinical Licensed Counselors (CLC’s) work with the community at the local level to assist consumers in maintaining a continuity of care by:
  • Providing Clinical Screening and Referral for each county in the Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions area
  • Providing Care Management for consumers who have had several recent hospital stays and are at risk of returning to the hospital
  • Working to reduce the number of times consumers are readmitted to psychiatric hospitals
  • Participating in Community Child Protection Teams
  • Leading Child and/or Adult High Risk teams
  • Providing assessments when needed to help consumers get faster access to services
  • Increasing community collaboration and partnerships
Liaisons work with providers and others in the community to make sure consumers have timely access to the right type of care by:
  • Working with community agencies to follow consumers of mental health, developmental disabilities, and/or substance abuse services as they use services of various agencies
  • Coordinating with community agencies, like the Primary Care Collaborative or Criminal Justice System, to make sure consumers get all of the services they
    need in the continuum of care
  • Informing and monitoring the discharge process for consumers in state MH,DD,SA hospitals/centers/ treatment facilities
  • Keeping MH, DD, SA hospitals/centers/treatment facilities up to date on changes in procedures of the Access Department at Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions

Access/Outreach Unit

  • Kathi Barker - CLC - Rowan
  • Jennifer Cagiano - CLC - Cabarrus
  • Devora Neely - CLC Davidson
  • Vacant - CLC - Stanly
  • Traci Szeszulski - CLC - Union
  • Tracy Sherrill - CLC - Broughton
  • Amy Ford - Access Outreach Liaison Supervisor
  • Erin Nantz - DD Olmstead Liaison
  • Cynthia Ellis - SMH Olmstead Liaison
  • Todd Rapoza - SA Liaison
  • Monvayata Ratchford - Primary Care Liaison
  • Bill Laughlin - Guardianship
  • Joseph Coleman - Guardianship
  • Brandy Myers - Administrative Assistant

Our Purpose 

  • Identify and address service barriers within the Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions provider network
  • Provide face-to-face clinical screening and referral when appropriate
  • Provide care management for high risk consumers with multiple hospitalizations
  • Provide oversight, liaison, and tracking for Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions continuum of care by disability type and/or identified population (e.g. Substance Abuse; Criminal Justice; DD/MH Olmstead; Primary Care Collaborative)
  • Serve as an on-the-ground resource within Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions catchment area
  • Assist with emerging crisis stabilization to avoid decompensation
  • Reduce state hospital readmissions
  • Increase service utilization of Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions continuum of care through the collaborative work with consumers, providers, stakeholders and Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions
  • Work with Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions providers and stakeholders to ensure consumers move seamlessly through the continuum of care
  • Monitor jail booking logs to identify current Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions consumers and assist in developing appropriate discharge plans
  • Work collaboratively with State Developmental Centers and Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions providers to ensure successful transition of consumers from state institutions into the community
  • Track consumers designated as MH Olmstead to ensure they are receiving appropriate levels of care
  • Monitor housing needs for adults diagnosed with Mental Health disorders with a primary focus on Severe and Persistent Mental Illness
  • Promote, encourage and facilitate advocacy

Access/Outreach Documentation