Comprehensive Community Clinics (CCCs)

​​In 2013, Cardinal Innovations developed and implemented the CCC model, which is a further refinement of our original Comprehensive Community Provider (CCP) model initiated in 2005. These clinics are the foundation of our MH/SA continuum of care. CCCs are a locally adaptable form of a behavioral health home. CCCs are assigned by county and must provide high quality assessments; the full range of basic-level individual, group and family therapies; and psychopharmacology services for children and adults with MH/SA diagnoses, as well as dually diagnosed ID/DD members. Low population counties may have only one CCC, though CCCs may have multiple county sites. When only one CCC is available, choice is offered through Licensed Independent Practitioners or other community agencies. Because the CCC model requires the co-location of multiple specialty clinicians and because they function as access centers, Cardinal Innovations pays CCCs enhanced rates. CCCs are expected to provide a volume of services adequate to meet the needs of their respective communities. CCCs must meet the following standards:

  • National accreditation (e.g., Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities or CARF)
  • High quality, same-day accessible Comprehensive Clinical Assessments
  • Full spectrum basic therapies and prescribing for the AMH, ASA, CMH and CSA age/disability groups
  • Primary utilization of psychiatrists for prescribing
  • An American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) certified psychiatrist as Medical Director for the agency
  • Basic service provision must exceed enhanced service provision by volume
  • Meet quality standards for access to routine and urgent care needs, timely follow up after crisis/inpatient event, timely initiation and engagement in services, low utilization of crisis/inpatient services, measurement-based evidence-based care
  • Provide access to long-acting injectable antipsychotics, clozapine, and maintain evidenced based antipsychotic neurologic and metabolic monitoring
  • Provide access to child/adolescent expert prescribing as well as prescribing for dually diagnosed ID/DD members
  •  Maintain low levels of administratively denied authorization and claims requests
  • Provide access to services for dually insured and outpatient committed members
  • Be the first responder by phone 24/7/365 for all members in crisis receiving services at the CCC

CCCs are monitored at regular intervals (quarterly to yearly, depending upon the item being measured) for quality and performance by multiple Cardinal Innovations cross-functional teams.

Special Initiative:

In 2015, Cardinal Innovations will continue to implement the CCC model across all service areas and will monitor for compliance across all measures, focusing especially on high quality assessments, timely access to care, and timely initiation/engagement.