Community Support Team

​​For full service definition information link to the Clinical Coverage Policy.

Community Support Team (CST) is a model of enhanced care that is intended for approximately 2-12 months of community-based, assertive, team-based services, which include intensive case management, psychotherapy, psychoeducation and crisis response. CST services are intended to promote rehabilitation and recovery. CST can be used as a step-down service from inpatient care or as a step-up from basic outpatient services. CST is not designed to be a step-down service from Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT), as CST is not designed for management of chronic needs related to psychotic disorders.

Intended Population

  • Members with recent moderate to severe acute episodes of mental illness and/or substance use disorders combined with significant behavioral or physical health comorbidities, dangerous behaviors or other significant societal functioning impairments (e.g., legal, educational, financial, housing).

Recommended Best Practices

Desired Outcomes

  • Core Expected Outcomes

  • Successful linkage to physical healthcare services

  • Stablized housing and employment

  • Specific gains made in a timely manner according to goals described on an individual's  person-centered-plan (PCP)

Management Approach

  • Core Management Strategies​​

  • Authorization Guidelines 
  • Conduct focused Utilization Reviews based upon over/under utilization, negative outcomes such as high inpatient or crisis system usage, concerning incidents or grievances, and other data suggesting a team's practices are an outlier compared to the community standard of care.​