Community Transition – Innovations

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Community Transitions offers one-time financial assistance for adult participants transitioning out of institutional types of facilities to a residence where the individual is directly responsible for his or her own living expenses. The service is provided when the individual is unable to pay for non-routine expenses such as a security deposit, essential furnishings, and deposits for utility or service access such as telephone, heating, electricity, and water. The service does not provide financial assistance for on-going, routine expenses such as rent, phone bill and electric bill.

Intended Population

  • ​​This is a service offered under the NC Innovations Waiver. This service is available for adults 18 years or older who receive provider directed services and is transitioning from a Developmental Center, Community ICF-IID Group Home, nursing facility, or another licensed living arrangement to a non-provider owned, private living arrangement.

Best Practices


  • Core Expected Outcomes

  • Improvement of CQL Personal Outcome Measures

  • Successful transition to non-provider owned, private living arrangement

Management Approach

  • Service does not include monthly expenses. The service may be accessed only once in the lifetime of the individual, up to $5,000.00 per individual.