Individual Goods and Services – Innovations

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Individual Goods and Services are services, equipment or supplies not otherwise provided through the waiver or through the Medicaid State Plan that address an identified need in the Individual Support Plan (ISP) that includes improving and maintaining the participant's opportunities for full membership in the community. It must meet the following requirements: the item or service would decrease the need for other Medicaid services; promote inclusion in the community; AND/OR increase the participant's safety in the home environment; AND the participant does not have the funds to purchase the item or service.

Intended Population

  • This is a service offered under the NC Innovations Waiver. This service is available to any NC Innovations Waiver participant who self-direct at least one of their services and who have an identified need for service, equipment, or supply, not provided through this waiver or the Medicaid State Plan.

Best Practices


  • Core Expected Outcomes

  • Improvement of CQL Personal Outcome Measures

  • Decrease in SIS scores over time

  • Increase in community integration

Management Approach

  • Core Management Strategies

  • The cost of individual directed goods and services for each participant cannot exceed $2,000.00 per plan year.

  • Providers will be monitored through clinical review activities that focus on clinical appropriateness of service.