In Home Intensive Supports – Innovations

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In Home Intensive Supports is available as a short-term service to support participants in their private home, when the participant needs extensive support and supervision. Habilitation, support, or supervision is provided to assist with positioning, intensive medical needs, elopement or other behaviors that would result in injury to self or other people. The staff implements interventions and assistance as defined in the Individual Support Plan (ISP) to address the issue of concern. The ISP includes an assessment and a fading plan or plan for obtaining assistive ​technology to reduce the amount of intensive support needed by the participant. 

Intended Population

  • This is a service offered under the NC Innovations Waiver. This service is available to any NC Innovations waiver participant with documented exceptional medical or behavioral support needs. This service is not available to participants who receive Residential Supports.

Best Practices


Management Approach

  • Core Management Strategies

  • For individuals under Benchmarks, In-Home Skill Building is subject to the Limits on Sets of Services as specified in the service definition. 

  • For individuals under Support Needs Matrix, In-Home Skill Building is subject to the amount of the individual's Support Needs Category Budget as specified in the service definition. 

  • Providers will be monitored through clinical review activities to assure services are clinically appropriate.