Financial Support Services – Innovations

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Financial Support Services are provided to assure that funds for self-dir​ected services are managed and distributed as intended, for NC Innovations individuals who choose to participate in the Individual and Family Directed Services option. For example, thi​s service may assist with activities such as maintaining ledger accounts, producing expenditure reports, handling payroll taxes, and/or performing background checks for employment. Individuals who use the Employer of Record model are required to use this service. Individuals who use the Agency with Choice model may choose to use this service.

Intended Population

  • This is a service offered under the NC Innovations Waiver. This service is available to any NC Innovations waiver participant that participates in the Individual and Family Directed Services option with the Employer of Record model.

Best Practices


  • Core Expected Outcomes

  • Improvement of CQL Personal Outcome Measures

  • Compliance with applicable state and federal employment laws and regulations.

​Management Approach

  • This service is required of all individuals who chose to participate in the Individual and Family Directed Supports option with the Employer of Record model.​