Assistive Technology Equipment and Supplies – Innovations Waiver

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Assistive Technology is a service intended to fund equipment and supplies that are necessary for the proper functioning of items and systems, whether acquired commercially, modified, or customized, which are used to increase, maintain, or improve functional​ capabilities of participants. This service covers purchases, leasing, shipping costs, and as necessary, repair of equipment required to enable participants to increase, maintain or improve their functional capacity to perform daily life tasks that would not otherwise be possible. "Equipment and supplies" covers identified items in the following areas: aids for daily living, gross motor development, environmental control, positioning systems, and alert systems.​

Intended Population

  • This is a service offered under the NC Innovations Waiver for participants receiving provider directed services. This service is available to individuals who have an identified need for assistive technology, equipment, or supplies.  A physician's signature is necessary for certifying medical necessity of the request​​ed assistive technology, equipment, or supplies.

Best Practices


  • Core Expected Outcomes

  • Improvement of CQL Personal Outcome Measures

  • Transition from paid supports to use of assistive technology equipment or supplies when appropriate to assist with communication, community integration, independence, and safety

  • Decrease in SIS scores over time

Management Approach

  • The service is limited to expenditures of $15,000 over the duration of the waiver. This limit does not include nutritional supplements and monthly alert monitoring system charges.