Integrated care special approaches

​​Comorbidity of ID/DD and MH/SA diagnoses presents a particularly difficult treatment challenge for the behavioral health system. Historically, these disorders have been treated in separate, siloed systems, both of which have different service professionals and principles (support and habilitation for ID/DD and recovery for MH/SA). Moreover, there is minimal cross training of these service professionals so a more team-oriented approach is required to serve this population. To date, there are minimal well-established national best practices for this unique population.​

Special Initiative:
In 2014, Cardinal Innovations began developing a strategy to improve treatment options for members with both ID/DD and MH/SA diagnoses, particularly those with ID/DD and MH diagnoses.  In early 2015 a small group of Cardinal Innovations' staff and providers will gather to develop a plan for implementation of recommendations. High-priority recommendations will be targeted for implementation by late 2015.