Co-occurring Diagnoses
  • ​Individuals with both mental illness and substance use diagnoses AND current LOCUS/CALOCUS of V or higher OR current ASAM Level 3.5 or higher.

  • Individuals with both mental illness and intellectual or developmental disability diagnoses AND current LOCUS/CALOCUS of IV or higher

  • Individuals with both an intellectual or developmental disability and a substance use diagnoses AND current ASAM Level 3.3 or higher.

These special needs populations require a higher level of education, outreach, focused intervention and clinical management activities. When direct intervention and support is indicated, a Cardinal Innovations Care Coordinator is assigned. Specific activities for these targeted populations include the following:

  • Reviewing the clinical history

  • Notifying relevant community stakeholders of involvement and establishing contact with relevant clinical providers

  • Having regularly and as needed contacts, including initial face-to-face contacts, with the individual  receiving care coordination (and/or legally responsible person)

  • Ensuring a Comprehensive Clinical Assessment (CCA) has been completed with appropriate addendums based upon new information, symptoms, behaviors and/or needs and strengths

  • Linking to appropriate services and supports and monitoring those linkages

  • Participating in Child and Family Team meetings

  • Developing a case management plan for those meeting criteria

Care coordination interventions are individualized within the framework of four levels of intensity: Low, Moderate, High, and Complex.​

Special Initiative:

In 2013-2014, Cardinal Innovations revamped its care coordination activities to better ensure consistency of interventions across all staff and members, stratifying interventions for individuals who have low, medium or high needs who meet special needs population criteria. In 2015, Cardinal Innovations is adding another level of care coordination intervention (called Complex Case Management) for the highest risk individuals.​