Why take a mental health screening?

It's ok to feel stressed, anxious, distracted, or sad sometimes. Everyone deals with emotions differently, and sometimes, we can't explain why we feel or act a certain way.

Taking this quick, confidential mental health screening may help you figure out what you, or a loved one, are feeling and what you can do to find help or support.

We do not collect your personal information or save your answers. When you answer these questions, it is completely anonymous.

How it works


Choose a statement below that fits your feelings or behaviors.


Enter honest answers to a quick series of questions.


More about mental health and resources available to help.

How are you feeling?

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We are available 24/7 for crisis or referral at 1-800-939-5911.

Remember, these screenings are a confidential tool to help you better understand what you or a loved one may be feeling. Your screening and your results do not replace assessments from a professional, and the results are not a diagnosis.

Read our privacy policy. These screenings are powered by Screening for Mental Health, Inc.
To learn more about these screenings, read this guide.

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