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Anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders include panic disorders, which are also called panic attacks (uncontrollable physical reactions to non-threatening situations) and phobias, which is a crippling or intense fear of something or a situation. People with an anxiety disorder may:

  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Have trouble focusing
  • Have sudden attacks of intense fear
  • Experience symptoms such as trembling and shortness of breath
  • Be restless, irritable, and on-edge

Anxiety disorders can feel overwhelming and can take a toll on social and physical health. But you don’t have to hide it or hope it goes away. Being aware of symptoms and treatment is a good step in tackling an anxiety disorder.

Resources and support

Local groups and programs can help you navigate an anxiety disorder. Explore these resources:

How we serve you

If you’re a member of Cardinal Innovations, there are services to assist you with anxiety disorder challenges. Learn about a service type or find a provider specializing in anxiety disorders.

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