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Transitions to Community Living

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare’s Transitions to Community Living (TCL) team helps adults with mental illness move back into their communities where they can live independently. Between July 1 and April 30, the TCL team helped over 173 people move into their own apartments.

Cardinal Innovations has helped 596 members move into apartments of their choice since the program began in 2012. Shaun Nichols of Charlotte, N.C., was one of those members and said, “I feel like I’ve been truly blessed to be in this program and I’d just like to thank God for that and the people that have helped me and the whole program – the (Assertive Community Treatment) ACT Team, Cardinal Innovations. I’m really good now that I’m on my own.”

Cardinal Innovations Community Engagement Housing Specialist Karisa McDaniel works to find local housing to help members who want to live in their own apartments.

“Some of our members have never had an opportunity to live on their own – to fold their own clothes, to wash their own dishes, to take their own medication. They’re thriving because of the independence they have now,” she said.

TCL helps people:
  • find homes in the community of their choice
  • choose the best care
  • set up daily routines to achieve good health
  • take part in activities to enjoy community living
TCL team members consider the strengths, goals and needs of each person to help them create the best possible life in their community.

In 2012, North Carolina entered a settlement agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). The settlement makes certain that people with mental illness can live in their communities in the least restrictive settings of their choice. The TCL Initiative is part of Cardinal Innovations Care Coordination Department.
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