Tips for Refilling Your Prescriptions during COVID-19

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — June 19, 2020 — 2 min read
As North Carolina continues the Safer at Home COVID-19 policy with looser travel requirements, challenges still exist for people with chronic illnesses, especially when trying to refill essential prescription medications.  

Below we have listed some tips to increase your safety and to help pharmacists provide safe prescription services.

Do not visit a pharmacy if you’re sick (including fever and/or a cough).

You should stay at home and self-isolate if you experience any COVID-19 symptoms (shortness of breath, cough, etc.). Try to get someone else to go for you. If you have absolutely no one else to go for you, wear a mask and remain socially distant from others. If you think you need medical advice for your symptoms, call your primary care physician to find out what to do next.

Do not over-order your prescriptions.

To prevent shortages, only order what you need when you need it. Do not order your repeat prescription early or stockpile your medications.

Tell the pharmacist if you no longer need a medication before they give it to you.

This can help prevent medicine waste and medicine shortages.

Be patient with the pharmacists.

They are working in an incredibly stressful time. It might take longer for them to get your medicine to you, but the pharmacists will appreciate your patience.

Know that they may be temporarily out of some items.

However, pharmacies will do their best to restock their supplies/medicines as soon as possible. If there are limits in place on certain items, understand that this is so everyone can buy what they need.

You may have to wait to get inside your pharmacy.

Some pharmacies are limiting the number of people going in at one time. Make sure to remain socially distant (six-feet away from the next person) in the line and inside the pharmacy.

Do not call the pharmacist directly to check if a prescription is ready.

Many pharmacies have an automated phone service to help you find out if your prescription is ready. Usually you will only need your prescription number (you can find this on your prescription bottle). Only talk to a pharmacist for specific questions about taking your medication.

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