Satara Rembert Recognized for Quality Control Efforts

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — April 25, 2019 — 4 min read
As a former mental health and delinquency attorney with the Counsel for Children's Rights, Satara Rembert has seen firsthand the importance of mental health assessments and high quality treatment for individuals with mental health diagnoses. 

“I noticed that many of the charges lodged against our children were for behaviors that took place at school. Most of these involved undiagnosed/unaddressed mental health or learning disabilities," said Rembert, who represented children ages 6 to 16 in Mecklenburg County delinquency and mental health court before joining Cardinal Innovations' Network Management team. 

“We had a rotation of attorneys in mental health court and the children would have to tell their story to a different attorney every time they were in court or hospitalized," she said. “I asked to be assigned as the sole mental health attorney, so that the children would have the same attorney working with them from beginning to end."

In 2012, Rembert left her job as an attorney to join Cardinal Innovations. Now Rembert serves as Compliance Coordinator II/Team Lead for Cardinal Innovations' Network Compliance Team – a role she's filled since April 2015. Her job involves conducting routine sanction monitoring for Cardinal Innovations' contracted providers and clinicians. This includes monitoring of sanctions levied by the state of North Carolina, as well as those levied by the federal government in the form of providers/clinicians being excluded from the Medicaid Program. 

Rembert moderates the Provider Concerns Module, which involves prioritizing concerns so that they can be resolved for the entire organization. She also administrates the Therapeutic Foster Care Provider Standards Pay for Performance (P4P) Program for Network Management along with partners in Utilization Management (UM) and Care Coordination. 

“(Rembert) is bright, professional, personable and reliable," said Jennifer Johnson, Network Management Compliance Manager. “She is an instinctive collaborator and problem solver. (She is also extremely funny and an amazing cook.) I personally could not function without the assistance and support she provides me as her manager."

Johnson said Rembert has gained a reputation for her attention to detail. “Over time, individuals across the organization have also learned to rely on her attention to detail, as well as her calm but straightforward manner, to help them complete their work and make their day," Johnson said.

Rembert worked with Network Management Project Manager Robbie Flynn to develop education around how Cardinal Innovations' internal departments could begin to use the Provider Concerns Module (PCM), which was created to log and address issues reported by internal departments as a result of their direct contact with contracted providers. The module can be used to look for and track trends on certain issues, and also to report from the module on identified efforts. 

“We now have several departments that are using the PCM to better care for our members through their own tracking and resolution of identified issues," she said. “We even used the PCM as one of our QIA (quality improvement activities) for our NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance) review."  

Rembert came to Cardinal Innovations in 2012 as a Contract Coordinator in Network Operations, now called Network Management. In 2014, she was asked to transition the role under the same name to help set up the Network Data Management section of the Service Center. 

Rembert said the court work she did before coming to Cardinal Innovations can be heartbreaking at times and that is what prompted her career change. 

“I lost more than a few kids to the streets and it became harder to bounce back each time," she said. “I remembered that some of my clients secured their services through Cardinal Innovations and those were usually the providers that I did not have to fight with to get the level of care needed. I wanted to stay involved in the system, but not so much on the front lines. I thought working on the other side of the system would still keep me involved and helpful without the day-to-day heartbreak you can experience when a case just does not work out."

Now she's motivated by knowing she can help ensure that members receive the highest quality care. “Behavioral health affects every aspect of an individual's life," Rembert said. “I take pride in ensuring that our network consists of those providers that exhibit best practices in their daily rendering of services."

Rembert added that she hopes each of her Cardinal Innovations coworkers know that they matter to the members. “I would like for others working here at Cardinal Innovations on a day-to-day basis to know how valuable they are to our members, even if they never get to meet one of them," she said. “In a former life, I had the pleasure of representing members in group homes, PRTFs (Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities) and hospital settings. Those whose services were secured through Cardinal Innovations were always receiving the best quality or those members were relocated to find a more fitting placement or plan. 

“Cardinal Innovations has always worked with providers to ensure that our members get the highest quality services and it shows. We hold our providers and ourselves accountable and together we do the best that we can for our members and their families," she said. “We are all integral to the process."
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