SQL Developer Cheri Capela Recognized for her Work Consolidating Data


SQL Developer Cheri Capela says working in the IT Department may sound like a job that's as removed from Cardinal Innovations Healthcare members as there could be, but to her it's all connected and that's what drives her, she says.

Capela was nominated for a Cardinal Leads Award last spring by Development Operations Manager Sean Murray for her efforts over the last several years as Cardinal Innovations consolidated with other Managed Care Organizations. Each consolidation involves pulling all the data into one system. As an SQL Developer, Capela's job centers around the data in CI and Provider Direct – moving it, storing it, incorporating new data during consolidations.

Cardinal Leads Award nominees are featured in Leadership in Action articles throughout the year for their commitment to Cardinal Innovations' core values, which include courage, integrity, accountability, compassion and demonstrating a pioneering attitude. Capela was nominated for her leadership, courage and integrity.
“A leader sets the tone and figures out a way forward when facing adversity," Murray said. “She can always be counted on for flawless execution despite receiving partial or rough requirements."

Murray added that Capela has been instrumental in recent MCO consolidation successes. “During these challenging multi-month projects, Cheri clearly possessed all five core values, in particular demonstrating courage and integrity."

Murray said Capela was unwavering as IT's consolidation lead to ensure complete loads of critical provider, member and authorization data.           

“By not accepting typical error rates, but instead going the extra mile by working alongside our business partners, she achieved very high levels of data loads," Murray said. “As a result, IT systems maintained a high degree of integrity and tremendous success on go-live of each consolidation."

Capela said she keeps the members in mind as she works. “There are many times especially when in the middle of a consolidation that I feel an obligation to press forward and to the best of my ability mitigate risks and delays so that those people that depend on us won't have to experience a delay whether that be a provider or a member," Capela said. “It is nice to be part of a community solution."

Capela started working for Cardinal Innovations in September 2012 and did contract work for a couple of months prior to that, she said. Her work is all about the data.

“Each consolidation seems to build upon the last with new challenges. Data requirements at Cardinal Innovations are ever changing," Capela said, adding that moving provider contract information from one operating system to CI is the most challenging part.

“It takes a tremendous amount of coordination over multiple business groups to determine which providers to import, if the provider already exists in CI or not, which services we'll import and if there are services we don't offer," she said. “It's a whirlwind of activity that typically happens in a very condensed time frame."
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