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Reid Thornburg Leads Youth Substance Use Prevention Effort

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — November 15, 2018 — 3 min read

Thornburg-ReidSenior Community Executive Reid Thornburg has taken on leadership roles at organizations in Rowan and Davidson counties that will give him the chance to help many people – an opportunity he wouldn't pass up.

“I knew as a young adult that I had a desire and passion to work with people and serve my community," he said. “I was particularly interested in working with children and youth, trying to have a positive impact in their lives and on their future."

Thornburg has been asked to serve as chairperson for YSUP! Rowan, a community anti-drug coalition formed in late 2015 to address adolescent substance use and abuse in Rowan County. The coalition's mission and goal is to engage the community in creating conditions that will lead to the prevention and reduction of substance use by young people so that they may build healthy, safe and successful lives. The organization also focuses on reducing the illegal use of alcohol and prescription medications by juveniles. Thornburg had been working with YSUP! Rowan as a member of the coalition before being asked to lead the effort.

Thornburg also has joined the board of directors of the Davidson Medical Ministries, which ministers to the needs of individuals who lack the resources to access quality healthcare.

“Reid is helping to make a difference in the counties that he supports in an active and collaborative way that will serve us well as we strive to improve health outcomes for our members," said Nicole McKinney, Director of Community Relations.

Thornburg has worked for Cardinal Innovations for 13 years. Previously, he worked for various non-profit and county agencies during his 30 years as a social worker.

“The majority of my career has been spent working in human services, particularly in the mental health field," he said. He worked for the Davidson County Local Management Entity before joining Cardinal Innovations.

“As a resident of Davidson County and a former county employee with the local mental health entity, I have had the opportunity to interface with many influential community health leaders and advocates for persons with disabilities," Thornburg said. “The Executive Director of Davidson Medical Ministries, Sandra Motley, has been a strong leader and advocate for persons in the community who seek assistance for meeting their behavioral, emotional, and physical health needs. I am honored that she asked me to serve on the board for her agency."

Thornburg said the Davidson Medical Ministries Clinic seeks to use the cooperative efforts of the community through either volunteer of financial support to expand and develop the programs that meet the needs of the uninsured and the underinsured of Davidson County.

McKinney said Thornburg works hard to build relationships in the communities in Cardinal Innovations' Piedmont Region, which includes Cabarrus, Davidson, Rowan, Stanly and Union counties.

“Reid has been with (Cardinal Innovations) for a very long time, and is often referred to as calm and mild-mannered. That being so, he packs full punches when it comes to building relationships in the community," McKinney said. “I challenged him over the course of the last year to take it up a notch to elevate his visibility in the community and to garner even more connectivity to stakeholders. He did not take that challenge lightly and has yielded tangible results."

Thornburg said it always comes back to his desire to serve others. “The genuine empathy and concern that I have for improving the quality of life for others and my desire to see lives changed for the better are major driving forces behind why I chose to seek a career in human services," he said.

“I'm most proud of the opportunities I've had and continue to have in my life to display to others a strong sense of love, compassion and caring instilled in me through my family and faith," he said.

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