Oriana Morgan Recognized for Supporting Improvements that Benefit Providers and Members

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — May 10, 2019 — 5 min read
Oriana Morgan's frontline experience in Care Coordination has molded her perspective on the importance of supporting, behind-the-scenes roles in achieving the best possible outcomes for Cardinal Innovations Healthcare members and their families.

Morgan is an Application Engineer for SharePoint on Cardinal Innovations' Information Technology (IT) team, but she started in the Care Coordination department, which works directly with members and families, in August 2014. 

“The experience of working with frontline staff and then transitioning to working in a department that supports the frontline staff has been neat," she said. “I see how it all comes together – the way all departments contribute to the care of our members and working with the providers in the network."

Kathy Pifferetti, Project Manager for Network Management, has worked with Morgan on Network Management projects and values her skills and commitment to excellence.

“(Morgan) takes the time to listen to a department's need, which translates into the best product and solution. She never tries to solve a need with an ill-fitted idea," Pifferetti said. 

“(She) continuously expands her knowledge about other departments' work and processes, which exist far outside the realm of her IT department," Pifferetti said. “She then is able to use this understanding to meet the wide variety of needs of those diverse departments." 

As the Application Engineer for SharePoint, Morgan said she works with various stakeholders to design and build SharePoint applications that automate business processes or streamline information sharing and capture. 

“Sometimes this means creating something as simple as a list or library where users can capture data or upload documents to a shared repository, or granting user permissions," Morgan said. “At other times, it means triaging issues users are experiencing and implementing a fix so they can get back to work."

Morgan said she worked with Pifferetti on the Network Management Cross-Functional Department Workflow, supporting the application and enhancements to it. She also worked on the Provider Reconsideration Tool, which launched May 1. 

Morgan's work often involves improving efficiency with new solutions. The Provider Reconsideration Tool that she worked on is an example. “This kind of work helps to reduce administrative burden and allows employees more time to do other high value tasks such as interfacing with members and families. I am always excited when I have been able to contribute to operational efficiencies or excellence." 

Morgan co-chairs Cardinal Innovations' Culture Ambassadors group that is focused on improving collaboration. The Collaboration Culture Group has 20 members. Its guiding principle is, “Collaboration is a cornerstone of success; achieved through the freedom and desire to share information, resources, knowledge and skills toward a common goal resulting in enhanced outcomes." 

Morgan has also been through Lean Six Sigma (LSS) training at Cardinal Innovations. LSS is a method that relies on a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically removing waste and reducing variation. Morgan went through Round 1 of LSS training, working on a Network Development project that involved designing a process to track key cross-departmental functions and steps of Network Development Initiatives, which are Analysis, Pilot/Implementation and Training. 

“Being part of these initiatives has really embedded the awareness that collaboration is vital to the success of our organization and ultimately our members," Morgan said. “No one person, group, team or department can do it on their own. I see it on the projects the Collaboration Culture group works on, the Lean Six Sigma projects, and every day in my role as a SharePoint developer."

Agile Development Manager Sean Murray, Morgan's supervisor, said she is hardworking, dedicated and caring. “She is the ultimate embodiment of Cardinal Innovations' values. She has progressively moved through challenging jobs in our organization and is currently an application engineer – a job she excels at."

Murray said Morgan was recognized during her LSS training as a natural advocate for continuous improvement, Murray said. “I know (Morgan) will continue to grow and will even outgrow her current position. I look forward to seeing her as a CIO or CEO someday."

Before joining Cardinal Innovations, Morgan worked with the Mecklenburg County Local Management Entity (LME). She spent the majority of her time working with MeckCARES, a group that implemented a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) grant targeted, educating and training the LME, Department of Justice (DOJ), the Department of Social Services, providers and other key stakeholders with System of Care principles. 

“We worked on collaborating across agencies, breaking agency silos and working together for the well-being of youth. It was an amazing and gratifying experience. I worked closely with families and providers in addition to various agencies. I still keep in touch with a few of those families today," Morgan said.

Morgan said she has always been interested in psychology. “I think my interest in psychology was rooted in making sense of the family I had grown up in. Several members in my immediate family have bipolar disorder and/or suffer from addiction. They spent a good deal of my youth and adolescence untreated, which was hard on them and on our family. Today, my family members get the support they need – therapy, medication, etc., and they and our family are better off because they do."

Morgan said the people who make up Cardinal Innovations and those they help keep her excited about working in the behavioral health field.

“I love the work that Cardinal Innovations does and its role in helping members and their families," she said. “The other thing that is special about working here is the people I get to work with. There are so many amazing people who work at Cardinal Innovations. I get to work with smart, kind, hardworking, good people."
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