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No More Renting: Habitat for Humanity Helps One Member Build Her Own Home

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — January 14, 2021 — 2 min read
After years moving from apartment to apartment, our member Beverly was looking forward to having her own house. “I don’t have to worry about rent,” she said.

Under umbrellas and rainy skies, we stood outside the cozy house nestled in the backstreets of Albemarle, NC. Construction materials draped in plastic covered the front porch, but the exterior of the house was nearly finished. After walking the perimeter of the property, we all shuffled inside to shake off the rain and cold.

Beverly, who is legally blind, was led into the main room by her husband of 13 years. When asked what her favorite thing about him is, Beverly said, “He’s a good man. And a good cook.”

“And [Beverly] makes sure everything’s going good,” her husband said, a smile spreading across his face.

In late 2019, Beverly’s InReach community navigator connected her family to Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization that helps build affordable housing for families across the globe.

To be eligible to receive a home through Habitat, both Beverly and her husband had to take classes and put in 100 volunteer hours with the organization. Beverly’s care coordinator Barbara worked with Monarch, one of our providers, to arrange the required training and volunteering. “It’s truly been a team effort,” Barbara said.

After months of working to build others’ homes, Beverly finally received the news that construction on her own house would begin in summer 2020.

“We’re blessed,” Beverly said.

Beverly offered us a tour of the three-bedroom house. The interior still needed drywall, flooring, and a couple windows—but for Beverly, it was easy to envision her new space. She was especially excited for her master bedroom, walk-in shower, and office where she’ll keep her electric piano.

Habitat for Humanity will complete the house in April 2021. When asked what they would do when they move in, Beverly and her husband agreed that they’d first “thank God for letting us get this house” and then host a backyard barbeque.

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