Network Specialist Supervisor Heather Trotter Recognized by InnerVision


Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Network Specialist Supervisor Heather Trotter has been recognized by InnerVision, Inc., for going the “extra mile" for providers, but her drive to help them be their best starts at home, she said.

Trotter's son was diagnosed recently with level one autism spectrum disorder (formerly known as Asperger's syndrome). He and her father, a Vietnam War veteran, also have bipolar disorder.

“From a young age, I have had a drive to help others and to stand up for others when they have not been able to do so for themselves. This drive has only gotten stronger over time, especially now that my son has a dual diagnosis," Trotter said.

Recently, that drive was recognized by InnerVision, Inc., a non-profit human service organization that specializes in providing recovery-oriented resources, services and supports in the areas of employment, education and wellness. InnerVision honored Trotter's work by giving her the organization's Extra Mile Award.

“As our Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Network Analyst, Heather has been very responsive to our inquiries in a timely fashion," said Cheryl Nicholas, CEO/Director of InnerVision, Inc. “Heather is consistently prompt in addressing our quandaries and connecting us to the right department in Cardinal Innovations to help us get clarity on issues we present to her."

Trotter, who has worked for Cardinal Innovations for seven years, said she started working in the behavioral health field in direct care at one of Cardinal Innovations' contracted ICF/MR facilities. She worked with individuals that had severe/profound intellectual and developmental disabilities and “fell in love with the population."

“You could not walk into work and stay in a bad mood for long because the individuals would look at you with the biggest smile on their faces," she said. Trotter followed that experience with three years as a special education teacher. She joined the Care Coordination team at Cardinal Innovations when she moved to Cabarrus County.

Trotter said she wants to build positive working relationship with organizations like InnerVision because it ultimately helps the members.

“When providers reach out for assistance to gain resolution to an issue, it is incredibly important to let them know that their concerns are being heard, even if you still have to come back to them with a 'no' answer," Trotter said. “This, in itself, goes a long way to foster a positive relationship because it helps the provider to recognize that they can open up a conversation with Cardinal Innovations employees when they feel as though a wrong decision has been made."

Trotter said another key element to building positive relationships is providing thorough follow up and feedback while following through with what you say you are going to do.

Nicholas said that's one of the reasons her organization recognized Trotter's work. “One of Heather's greatest assets is her exploration of regulations and compliance matters," Nicholas said, adding that she has helped support the organization's Peer Bridger Program and Latino Initiative.

“Both of InnerVision's programs provide much needed supports to vulnerable populations within our community," Trotter said. “One thing that I love about working in Network Management is that insupporting our Provider Network to gain answers and/or resolve issues, we are helping them to be able to focus on providing high fidelity service to our members while continuing to be able to operate successfully within their community. This ultimately impacts positive outcomes for our members."

Trotter said her personal connection through family to Cardinal Innovation's mission to help those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health and substance use disorder makes her want to help providers like InnerVision do their best.

“It is my firm belief that with the right supports that individuals with disabilities can do anything they want to do in life," she said. “Like I tell my son every day, 'The next galaxy is his limit because I can't set the sky as a limit for him.' "

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