NC Waiver Renewals: Member Feedback

Cardinal Innovations and other LME/MCOs throughout North Carolina are able to operate, in part, due to agreements with the federal government known as waivers. Waivers allow states certain exceptions to Medicaid requirements in order to offer health benefits in new and unique ways to best meet individual needs.
North Carolina operates two Medicaid waivers - known jointly as the 1915(b)(c) waiver - for people with mental health conditions, intellectual and developmental disabilities and substance use disorders. The goals of the waivers are to:
  • Better tailor services to the local consumer by adopting a consumer-directed care model and focusing on community-based rather than facility-based care.
  • Enhance consumer involvement in planning and providing services through the use of mental health recovery model concepts.
  • Demonstrate that care can be provided more efficiently with increased local control.
The North Carolina 1915(b)(c) waiver, which includes the North Carolina Innovations Waiver, provides services and supports to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to have lives in the community of their choice, which includes where they live, how they spend their day, have fun and build relationships.

Both waivers are being renewed by the state of North Carolina with the federal government. The renewal process is a chance for the state to make changes to its waivers to better tailor care for the needs of the people it serves.

This is an opportunity to make the waivers work better, and member input is a critical part of that process. Next month, Cardinal Innovations will be asking members and stakeholders for specific feedback on the waivers as they go through the renewal process. Specifically, we will be asking members to share with us what is working, what is not working, and where improvements can be made.

Stay tuned for more details on the waiver feedback process in an upcoming edition of Cardinal Innovations COMMUNITY.
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