NC Innovations Waiver Waitlist

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — August 23, 2021 — 2 min read
The NC Innovations Waiver is a health plan for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD). It's goal is to help them live in the community. Read or watch to learn more about the NC Innovations Waiver below.

Unfortunately, there is a waitlist for these services that is quite long. This is not because of Cardinal Innovations Healthcare or other LME/MCOs. The NC General Assembly decides how many people can receive NC Innovations Waiver Services, commonly referred to as waiver slots. The North Carolina LME/MCOs all keep a list of people interested in receiving the services. The more waiver slots allotted by the state, the more people across NC on the waitlist will be served. Opening more slots would require more funding being allocated to this program.

If you are not on the waitlist but are interested in receiving these services, call 1-800-958-5596 to speak to a Registry Coordinator and apply for the waitlist. Showing a greater need for these services could help more waiver slots open up.

There are other services that you can utilize while on the waitlist, including respite and in-home skill building. You can ask your Registry Coordinator what services they recommend for you or your loved one.

The NC Innovations Waiver focuses on preparing for the future. It could take years to get off the waitlist, but those IDD needs for you or your family member will still be relevant years from now. We recommend that you do not remove yourself from the waitlist.

Even if you think you don't need the services now, your situation may change. It's better to get on the list and have the option to partake in these services later.

NC Innovations Waiver

Learn more about the NC Innovations Waiver and waitlist here.

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