Mental Health Resources For the Hispanic Community

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — September 16, 2021 — 2 min read
There is a lack of bilingual information and mental health services. This prevents many Latinos from getting the help and support they need. Below, learn more about good practices that Spanish speakers can apply when needing health care. Also, meet several partners and providers dedicated to serving the Latino community.

Best Practices To Access Bilingual Services

  • Ask to be connected with an interpreter who can help you in Spanish
  • Ask to be connected with a social worker or social navigator who can help you in Spanish
  • Get connected with local churches or community organizations. They can share the contact details of recommended professionals. They may also offer resources according to their community's culture and needs.

Working with Latino Partners and Providers

In North Carolina, several partners and providers can effectively support the Hispanic community. The stakeholders below offer bilingual services and programs for Latinos of all ages.

Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist

Diana Torres is a clinical social worker and psychotherapist. She offers bilingual assistance to anyone in need. Diana works at Myers Park Pediatrics Clinic as a social worker. Torres also offers counseling services through her practice called Renew Support Services.

Faith-Based Group: Puerto Nuevo Church

Frank García serves as pastor of the Puerto Nuevo Church. This faith-based group helps the Hispanic community with their physical and mental health needs.

Alianza: Community Organization for the Latinx Youth

Alianza offers programs to support Latino teenagers’ mental health and wellbeing. Alianza’s mission is to prevent substance use among Latino youth.

You can meet these partners and providers first-hand by watching the video below.


To learn more about mental health services and resources in Spanish:
Need Mental Health Help Fast?

Call **ASK (star-star-2-7-5) from your cell phone or 1-800-939-5911.

*Ask to be connected with an interpreter who can help you in Spanish.
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