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Medicaid Waiver Survey: Input Needed

The state of North Carolina is currently in the process of renewing its Medicaid waivers with the federal government. The renewal process is a chance to make changes to the waivers (for example, what services are offered and how services are delivered) to ensure people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health conditions, or substance use disorders (IDD/MH/SUD) have the support they need to live healthy, safe, and productive lives in the community.

It is important to provide feedback during this process so the waivers can continue to serve people better. We are asking members and stakeholders to share their feedback on the waivers: what is working, what is not working, and where improvements could be made. 
We invite you to complete this short survey by January 31, 2018 so we may compile your feedback in a timely manner to present to the state.

Provide feedback by clicking here.

Cardinal Innovations manages Medicaid benefits for people in North Carolina, in part, through agreements between the state and federal government known as waivers. Waivers allow states to offer Medicaid health benefits in new and unique ways to best meet individual needs. 

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(also known as NC Innovations) Waiver services

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