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Local Emergency Operations and Services

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — September 10, 2018 — 3 min read
All of our twenty counties in North Carolina share emergency information in some format. Some counties have specific channels for their emergency operations and services.

If you need assistance, our Access Call Center is available 24/7 at 1-800-939-5911 for members or their loved ones in crisis. Our Access team works closely with the state disaster response teams to provide support and resources for our members during emergencies like hurricanes or bad storms.

For life-threatening and medical emergencies, call 911.

Below is a list of resources in North Carolina and a list of the websites, social media accounts, and phone numbers for the counties we serve. You may print or save this list to have in your emergency kit, just in case you lose power, internet, or cell phone service.

North Carolina Emergency Management:
Twitter: @NCEmergency 
Facebook: NC Emergency Management
Download for updates: ReadyNC mobile app

NC Department of Safety 
Twitter: @NCPublicSafety

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare
Phone: 1-800-939-5911 for members
Phone: 1-855-270-3327 for providers
Twitter: @Cardinalihs

Twitter: @femaregion4
Download for updates: FEMA mobile app

Veterans Disaster Hotline:
Phone: 1-800-507-4571

Local Resources

NC 211
Phone: 1-888-892-1162

Emergency management:
Phone: 1-336-227-1365
Twitter: @AlamanceEM
Facebook: Alamance County Emergency
Sign up for alerts: or text ALAMANCE to 888777

Cabarrus County:
Emergency management:
Phone: 1-704-920-2143
Twitter: @CabarrusCounty
Facebook: Cabarrus County
Emergency management:
Phone: 1-336-694-5177
Twitter: @CaswellEM
Facebook: Caswell County Emergency Management and Caswell County Government
Sign up for alerts:
Emergency management:
Phone: 1-919-545-8163
Twitter: @ChathamCountyNC
Facebook: Sheriff’s Office
Sign up for alerts:
Davidson County:
Emergency management:
Phone: 1-336-242-2270
Twitter: @TownofDavidson and @Davidson_Patch
Facebook: Town of Davidson and Davidson Patch
Sign up for alerts:
Davie County:
Phone: 1-336-753-6160
Twitter: @DavieGovt
Facebook: Davie County
Sign up for alerts:
Forsyth County:
Emergency management:
Phone: 1-336-917-7070
Twitter: @ReadyForsyth and @ForsythCountyNC
Facebook: ReadyFORSYTH and Forsyth County
Sign up for alerts:

Franklin County:
Emergency management:
Phone: 1-919-496-5005
Twitter: @FranklinCoNews
Facebook: Franklin County News
Sign up for alerts:
Granville County:
Emergency management:
Phone: 1-919-603-1310
Facebook: Granville County
Sign up for alerts:

Halifax County:
Emergency management:
Phone: 1-252-583-2088
Twitter: @HalifaxCountySO
Facebook: Halifax County E-911 Central Communications
Sign up for alerts:
Emergency management:
Phone: 1-704-336-2412
Twitter: @MeckCounty and @CharMeckEm
Facebook: Mecklenburg County and Charlotte Mecklenburg Emergency
Sign-up for alerts:
Orange County:
Phone: 1-919-732-5063
Twitter: @OCNCGOV
Facebook: Orange County
Sign up for alerts:

Person County:
Emergency management:
Phone: 1-336-597-4262
Twitter: @Pcalerts
Facebook: Person County Emergency
Sign up for alerts:
Rockingham County:
Emergency management:
Phone: 1-336-634-3000
Facebook: Rockingham County Emergency or Rockingham County
Sign up for alerts:

Rowan County:
Emergency management:
Phone: 1-704-216-8920
Twitter: @RowanCountyES
Facebook: Rowan County Emergency
Sign up for alerts:
Stanly County:
Emergency management:
Phone: 1-704-986-3650
Twitter: @StanlyCountyNC
Facebook: Stanly County Emergency
Stokes County:
Emergency management:
Phone: 1-336-593-5409
Facebook: Stokes County EMS
Sign up for alerts:
Union County:
Emergency management:
Phone: 1-704-289-1591
Twitter: @UnionCountyNC
Facebook: Union County
Sign up for alerts:
Vance County:
Emergency management:
Phone: 1-252-438-8264
Facebook: Vance County Emergency
Sign up for alerts:
Warren County:
Emergency management:
Twitter: @warrencountyeoc
Facebook: Warren County
Sign up for alerts:

Updated February 20, 2020 to add additional emergency contacts.
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