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Lead Regional QM Manager Jill Queen Provides Statewide Leadership as NC TIDE President


Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Lead Regional Quality Management (QM) Manager Jill Queen has provided leadership in the behavioral health industry's efforts to offer educational opportunities for providers for five years as president of NC TIDE.

The North Carolina Training, Instruction, Development and Education (NC TIDE) Committee is a non-profit training organization for the behavioral healthcare industry that held its first conference in 1975, and has since completed over 80 conferences and trained thousands of individuals.

Queen, who has worked for Cardinal Innovations for 19 years, said she first became involved with NC TIDE as an attendee and then, in 2010, she was asked to participate on the NC TIDE Conference Planning Committee. As a result of her work on the committee, Queen was asked to run for president of NC TIDE in 2012. The membership elected her at the 2012 conference. She was re-elected in 2015 and her current terms ends in December. The NC TIDE Fall 2017 Conference, which Queen helped plan, will be October 22 through October 25 in Asheville, N.C.

Onika Wilson, Director of Quality Management, said Queen deserves to be recognized for her service with NC TIDE. “The conference is coming up soon and it is known across the state for its informative topics and networking opportunities within behavioral health," Wilson said.

Queen said that as president she was committed to the NC TIDE values of providing quality training, instruction, development and education to professionals working in the mental health, intellectual and developmental and substance use disorder (MH/IDD/SUD) field by coordinating, planning and successfully hosting 10 NC TIDE conferences from January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2017.

“During these years, we have added continued education credits for clinical sessions and program integrity sessions offering contact hours for individuals with certified fraud examiner credentials," she said. “My most important achievement was successfully partnering with AHEC (Area Health Education Centers) to obtain educational credits for the entire NC TIDE Conference versus specific sessions."

Queen said her interest in the behavioral health field began with a childhood friend who was diagnosed with mental illness and intellectual disabilities.

“We spent a lot of time together as young children. I watched this family struggle, watched how others treated this family and their daughter," Queen said, adding that the girl was institutionalized and even sterilized.

“I never understood why this happened and felt it was morally wrong," she said. Queen added that when she was a child, member choice and community integration were not options.

“I witnessed first-hand how our society treated individuals with disabilities differently including making decisions for the individuals versus giving the individuals choices and the same rights as other citizens," she said. “This social injustice bothered me and I never could understand why people treated others in this way. I decided at an early age that if I could make a difference in the lives of others that I would. And I would do my best to make an impact in the field so others may have a quality life and the same choices as others."

Queen said working with providers and practitioners in the network to achieve member outcomes and provide quality services is the most important part of her job and is her way of keeping that promise she made as a child to fight for others.

“Staying focused and committed to our vision, mission and values are key to success as these principles will always guide quality work," Queen said. “Keeping these areas in focus will drive us to fulfill our purpose to assist members in achieving outcomes and living a quality life. Our success as professionals and as an organization requires each of us to stay abreast of changes and best practices while forecasting what the future of MH/IDD/SUD services may look like so we can create the future, member-focused and quality-driven delivery systems that our members depend on each day."

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