Kathy Pifferetti Recognized for Striving to Improve Efficiency

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — April 11, 2019 — 4 min read
Project Manager Kathy Pifferetti lists “organizing things" as one of her hobbies. She's one of those people who works behind the scenes, supporting Cardinal Innovations teams in their direct interactions with providers and members, striving always to improve efficiency. 

“When I see the opportunity for a process improvement, I often research and pursue it," said Pifferetti, who is a Project Manager for Network Management. “For example, no one asked me to, but I had IT create a 'History per Agency' library on SharePoint to capture the history of sanctions per provider agency as documented in the Sanctions Log, which is easier than exporting the entire Sanctions Log and filtering the data."

Network Management Compliance Manager Jennifer Johnson said Pifferetti exemplifies Cardinal Innovations' core values of accountability, courage, compassion, integrity and having a pioneering spirit/attitude in ways that have a high impact on the organization.

“Kathy has served Network Management in multiple capacities over the years. Currently, she serves as a Project Manager for the Network Management team," Johnson said. “Kathy is a natural problem solver and puts in a tremendous amount of work to see her projects through to a successful end. She knows how to foster collaboration, and kindly cracks the whip to get things done (we all need that at times). I cannot begin to catalog all the things she has achieved for Network and Cardinal Innovations over the years."

Pifferetti has spent the past 30 years working behind the scenes in one capacity or another to assist her colleagues and her employers to provide a better product, service or experience. She has worked for Cardinal Innovations since December 2011.

Pifferetti says being a Project Manager is an interesting role that can present her with something new and different to organize each day. The projects she works on are quite diverse: small/large, well defined/on-going, working with lots of others/working alone, varied/repetitive, and network-only/cross-departmental, she said.

“Being a Project Manager can be tricky to explain and the job can vary greatly from one role to the next," she said. “For all projects, I try to identify the goal, define the steps it will take to get to the goal and move the project and participants toward the goal. A personal aim is to recognize what different participants need, try to get them some, if not all, of what they need and that everyone ends up pretty well pleased in the end."

Pifferetti says most days she's juggling meetings with focused work time while addressing distractions and others' needs. “A typical day is not only keeping all the plates spinning in the air, but also moving them closer to the goal one step at a time," she said. 

Pifferetti said she's always trying to learn something new and help others get the information they need to ultimately do the best job they can do for providers and members. 

“When something new comes up and I feel that my department has not received enough information, training or advanced notice, I am naturally led to intervene. I find myself seeking out additional information and obtaining training for my department. This is not part of my role but I can't seem to help myself," she said. “Some examples are the roll out of Service Now, the use of WebEx, and making webinars as professional as possible." 

Pifferetti said she finds satisfaction from knowing the work she does at Cardinal Innovations helps not only her coworkers but the members and providers they work with directly.

“My role does not directly connect me to those we serve, but by helping internal folks hopefully it has an indirect and positive influence on Cardinal Innovations' mission," she said. “If I can make a process a little more efficient; if I can get a person the answers they need; if I can make a meeting a valuable use of people's time, then I hope that frees others up to do what they need to do."
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